Mandatory Events

The Brind School faculty regards attendance at stage productions and convocations (school meetings) as an important and essential part of every student’s educational experience. The following policy is approved by Brind School Director Joanna Settle to regulate student attendance at these important events:
Each semester, students will be provided with a list of mandatory events at the beginning of the semester. For Fall 2015, those events are: Departmental Convocations, September 23, October 21, and November 11, 11:30am-12:50pm in Caplan Recital Hall (Terra 17th Floor) You Can’t Put Me In a Box – September 10 – 13, Caplan Studio Theatre I Know the Way Home – October 1 – 4, Caplan Studio Theatre Marie Christine: a new musical – October 23 – 31, Arts Bank Mainstage The Rocky Horror Show – November 6 – 15, Caplan Studio Theatre Twelfth Night – November 18 – 22, Arts Bank Mainstage Applied Mechanics Incubator Project – November 2015, Kimmel Center (Closed to the Public) American Pop: Michael Friedman Incubator Project – November 2015, Studio TBA (Closed to the Public) Attendance will be taken by office workstudy and box office staff at all mandatory events. For performances students will be required to check in with Box Office Staff, and drop off their ID when entering the theater. You will pick up your ID at the end of the night.
An online document accessible to all students will provide the official attendance roster. Students in the cast and crew of a production will automatically receive credit for attending that show. Students MUST ATTEND 7 out of 10 events. Students who miss more than 3 events will receive the following sanctions: For Acting and Musical Theater students: Casting restriction for the upcoming semester. For DPP and D/T students: Last choice for Crew Assignment decided upon by Head of DPP, DT and Brind School Director. If a second event is missed they will receive another warning stating should they miss one more mandatory event, the above sanctions will be applied. In cases where a student’s attendance is in dispute or extenuating circumstances need to be considered, the Director of the Brind School, in consultation with the Head of the student’s program and other faculty as appropriate, will make a determination.
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